Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage at Our Penrith Spa

Our staff will provide you with a therapeutic deep tissue massage at our central Penrith location. Whether you need relief from a sore back, stress or are recovering from a sports injury, our staff are highly experienced, and you will leave feeling rejuvenated.

Tips Regarding Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

These tips will help you prepare for your deep tissue massage.

  • Hydrate your body before your session: You should drink water and ensure that you are well hydrated before your therapy session. Our deep tissue massage is designed to adjust your muscles, break up any knots and release toxins. When toxins are released from your muscles, you may feel the effects and being hydrated will help to minimise any symptoms.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Wearing loose-fitting clothing to your appointment will help you to feel relaxed and make the task of undressing easier. If your muscles feel tender after the massage, you will appreciate having comfortable clothes to put on and that aren’t tight or restrictive.
  • Communicate with your massage therapist: Your massage therapist may use different techniques during your session for a deep massage. It is essential that you communicate how you feel during the procedure, especially if it becomes painful. Plan to arrive at your appointment early if it is your first time so you can complete a registration form and explain why you require a deep tissue therapy session.

Problems Deep Tissue Massage Addresses

Our therapists are highly trained and skilled at using deep tissue massage to help promote healing.

  • We can help ease chronic back pain: A deep tissue massage will help to increase the blood flow and circulation around your body. This stimulation will send nutrition to your tissues and muscles, which will aid in easing muscle soreness or injury. Our friendly staff will also help to decrease muscle tension while improving your flexibility and relieving tight muscles.
  • You can aid relief from stress and anxiety: Chronic stress and muscle tension can lead to inflammation in your body and decreased overall health. We can help to relieve stress with a deep tissue massage as it lowers your cortisol levels while boosting Oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for relaxing the body and having soothing effects. This type of therapy can then be beneficial to improving your overall health.
  • We can help in your recovery from a sports injury: Our deep tissue massage will release fluids and tension from your muscles. It will also increase your circulation to help remove waste products as well as prevent or breakdown any adhesion’s in your muscles. A massage can also help with your flexibility and improve your range of motion that may be hindered due to an injury.

We ensure that you will leave our shop feeling satisfied and relaxed.

Why is SILA Thai Massage and Spa Cost Effective?

We are knowledgeable and experienced in authentic and traditional Thai wellness, including deep tissue massages that will benefit your health and help to relieve pain. Our skilled and professional staff provide high-quality treatments that are sure to give you results at an affordable price. Contact us today to book your therapy session at our local Penrith spa.