Until now, we can witness its popularity. And, we may think that it’s just part of the trend. But, massage therapy has a lot to offer. Its benefits are not only accessible on social media – Science can prove it. It goes beyond relaxation. Sila Thai Massage provides Thai Massage in Penrith and surrounds offering all these benefits to the local community. To give you proof that massage therapy beyond relaxation trend. We compiled significant research studies that feature the multi-health benefits it can offer.

6 Key Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy based on Scientific Evidences

Numerous researches have proved the effectiveness of thai massage. As one of the evidence-based practices, we want to share with you the amazing benefits it can provide to human health.

Effective for Chronic Back Pain

A 2011 research from Annals of Internal Medicine studies on the effectiveness of two types of massage and usual care for chronic back pain. It involves 401 patients with ages 20 to 65 years old having nonspecific chronic low back pain. The results show that massage therapy is effective in treating chronic back pain. Its benefits can last at least 6 months. Cherkin DC, Sherman KJ, Kahn J, et al. (2011)

Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management

A study from the Journal of Psychosomatic Research in 2004 shows that women having stage 1 and 2 breast cancer may benefit from massage therapy. Thrice-weekly massage therapy can able to reduce depressed mood, anxiety, and anger. It can enhance dopamine, serotonin, and NK cell number and lymphocytes. Hernandez-Reif M, Ironson G, Field T, et al. (2004)

In another study which was participated by young wrestlers (15-18 years old) shows that massage therapy can decrease the level of depression, anxiety and stress. The results show that massage therapy is helpful in improving mental health and performance. Zadkhosh S., et al. (2015)

Pain Management in Postoperative Orthopaedic Patients

In a study released by Orthopedic Nursing in 2015, shows that the addition of a brief massage is effective in managing pain. A 5-minute massage after the analgesic administration is helpful for postoperative orthopaedic patients. It increases patient satisfaction with pain management. Their pain management is higher with the application of brief massage than with medication only. Miller J, Dunion A, Dunn N, et al. (2015)

Improving the Quality of Sleep

A study on the effect of massage therapy on patients with breast shows that it can improve their quality of sleep. It shows that by learning and application of massage techniques of health care staff causes health promotion and improving the patient’s quality of sleep. In addition, massage therapy is also suggested as a non-pharmacologic method that helps in the sleep improvement of these patients. Kashani, F. et al. (2011)

Alleviating Chronic Tension Headache

The study in the American Journal of Public Health in 2002 shows that massage therapy is effective in the reduction of the occurrence of headaches per week for chronic sufferers. Headaches were reduced even within one week of massage treatment. Pain from a chronic tension headache can be alleviated through a specific type of massage treatment. This is then directed to cranial and cervical muscles. It appears as an effective nonpharmacological treatment for pain associated with non-pharmacological treatment. Quinn C, et al. (2002)

Reduces Inflammation

A study from Science Translational Medicine shows that massage therapy can reduce inflammation. Results show that its application to acutely damaged skeletal muscle is clinically beneficial. It can help in inflammation reduction and promotion of mitochondrial biogenesis. Crane, J, et. al (2012)


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